Class FieldImage Class

Represents a light field image with access to the individual microlenses.


Public propertyMetadata Gets the raw frame metadata.
Public propertyPrivateMetadata Gets the raw frame private metadata.
Public propertyHeight Gets the image height.
Public propertyWidth Gets the image width.
Public propertyColorImage Gets the demosaiced image.
Public propertyMicroLenses Gets the collection of microlenses in the light field image.
Public propertyRawImage Gets the raw image.


Public methodFrom(Byte[], FrameMetadata, FrameMetadata) Loads a FieldImage from a byte array and metadata.
Public methodFrom(LightFieldComponent, FrameMetadata, FrameMetadata) Loads a FieldImage from a LightFieldComponent and metadata.
Public methodFrom(LightFieldPackage) Loads a FieldImage from a LightFieldPackage.
Public methodGetMicrolensImage(Int32, Int32) Gets the microlens imag.e
Public methodGetSubapertureImage(Int32, Int32) Gets the subaperture image.