Class DepthPackageAccessor Class

Provides access to the depth and confidence maps in a LightFieldPackage.


Public methodDepthPackageAccessor(LightFieldPackage) Initializes new instance of the DepthPackageAccessor class.


Public propertyHasConfidenceMap Gets whether the package has a confidence map.
Public propertyHasContent Gets whether any files are present in the package.
Public propertyHasDepthMap Gets whether the package has a depth map.
Public propertyHasExceptions Gets whether any exceptions occured during initialization.
Public propertyMetadata Gets metadata of the package.
Public propertyPackage Gets the LightFieldPackage associated with this accessor.


Public methodGetExceptions() Gets the list of exceptions that occured during initialization.
Public methodGetConfidenceMapComponent() Gets the LightFieldComponent for confidence map.
Public methodGetDepthMapComponent() Gets the LightFieldComponent for depth map.
Public methodThrowIfExceptionsOccured() Throws the first exception that occured during initialization, if any.