Class LytroCallbackSink Class

Processes callback messages from the Lytro camera.


Public methodLytroCallbackSink() Initializes a new instance of the LytroCallbackSink class using default settings.


Public propertyIsProcessing Gets whether a callback stream is currently processed.


Public methodProcess(Stream) Starts processing of a callback stream.
Public methodStopProcessing() Stops the processing of a callback stream and waits until it is stopped.
Public methodStopProcessingAsync() Stops the processing of a callback stream. This method does not block the calling thread.


Public eventAllPicturesDeleted Occurs when all pictures are deleted from the camera at once.
Public eventHeartbeatTick Generated automatically approximately every 100 ms if no other callback occurs.
Public eventShutterPressed Occurs immediately after shutter is triggered.
Public eventCreativeModeChanged Occurs when the current shooting mode changes.
Public eventIsoSensitivityChanged Occurs when the ISO sensitivity setting changes.
Public eventLikedChanged Occurs when a user marks or unmarks a picture as a favorite.
Public eventNewPictureAvailable Occurs when a picture taken is rendered and becomes available for download.
Public eventPictureDeleted Occurs when a picture is deleted from the camera.
Public eventCallbackReceived Any callback message was received.
Public eventSelfTimerTick Occurs every second during self timer count-down.
Public eventShutterSpeedChanged Occurs when the shutter speed setting changes.
Public eventNeutralDensityFilterChanged Occurs when the neutral density filter is turned on or off.
Public eventZoomLevelChanged Occurs when camera zoom is changed.