Class LytroCommand Enumeration

Contains known networking commands.


Public constantDownload Retrieves the loaded content from camera.
Public constantLoadCalibrationData Loads the calibration data minimum (set of files).
Public constantLoadFile Loads a file from the camera.
Public constantLoadHardwareInfo Loads basic information about the camera.
Public constantLoadPicture Loads a picture from the camera.
Public constantLoadPictureList Loads a list of pictures available on the camera.
Public constantLoadPictureRawJpeg Loads a picture in the RawPackedJpegCompressed representation.
Public constantQueryBatteryLevel Returns camera battery level (as percentage).
Public constantQueryCameraTime Returns current camera time.
Public constantQueryContentLength Returns the loaded content length.
Public constantSetCameraTime Sets current camera time.
Public constantTakePicture Take a picture.
Public constantUpload Sends the content to camera.