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I had a presentation about Lytro at Institute of Information Theory and Automation on the 13th of March 2012, for which the main source was the Ren’s disertation. Ing. Filip Šroubek, PhD. from the instute also supervised my master thesis in which I wrapped pretty much of this site.

Seminář 2.pptx (11 MB; Czech language only) Master Thesis.xps (5 MB; English)

public raw images

There are couple of raw LFP files that you can get online:




Source: Lytro

Source: local

Sharing raw files can help the research. You can upload yours here.


If you have any version not listed here, feel free to send it in.

Lytro Desktop (release notes for version 3, version 4 and version 5)

v5.0.1 (151215.109) Windows 0x0C7F 0x3270
v5.0.0 (151207.102) Windows 0x0C7F 0x3270
v4.3.3 (151118.98) Mac OS
v4.3.2 (151113.97) Mac OS
v4.3.1 (150724.96) Windows Mac OS0x0C7F 0x3175
v4.3.0 (150701.88) Windows Mac OS0x0C7F 0x3175
v4.2.2 (150427.72) Windows Mac OS0x3329
v4.2.1 (150408.69) Windows Mac OS0x3329
v4.1.2 (150218.54) Windows Mac OS0x3321
v4.1.1 (141215.45) Windows Mac OS0x3321
v4.1.0 (141208.42) Windows Mac OS0x3321
v4.0.4 (141020.33) Windows Mac OS0x30F6
v4.0.3 (140911.18) Windows Mac OS0x30F6
v4.0.2 (140905.15) Windows Mac OS0x30F6
v4.0.1 (140815.7)
v4.0.0 (140731.1445) WindowsMac OS0x2FF2
v3.1.1 (131212.9) Windows Mac OS0x257C
v3.1.0 (131015.2) Windows Mac OS0x257C
v3.0.1 (130729.484) Windows Mac OS0x1D74
v3.0.0 (130710.396) Windows Mac OS
v2.0.1 (130118.4280) WindowsMac OS
v2.0.0 (121128.4268) WindowsMac OS
v1.1.6 (121006.4256) WindowsMac OS
v1.1.3 (120913.4251) WindowsMac OS
v1.1.2 (120815.4241) WindowsMac OS
v1.1.1 (120727.4238) WindowsMac OS
v1.1.0 (120712.4230) WindowsMac OS
v1.0.1 (120411.4217) Mac OS

In Lytro.exe, change 0x16 to 0x17 at offset(s) in the last column to enable internal (and likely unsupported and/or untested) features. That gives you:

First Generation Firmware (release notes, install instructions)

v1.2.2 (208) 2013-10-071.0a208-u.bin
v1.2.1 (204) 2013-26-061.0a204-u.bin
v1.2 (201) 2013-06-191.0a201-u.bin (Wi-Fi)
v1.1.2 (163) 2013-04-031.0a163-u.bin
v1.1.1 (150) 2012-12-051.0a150-u.bin
v1.1.1 (149) 2012-12-041.0a149-u.bin (self-timer)
v1.1 (138) 2012-10-091.0a138-u.bin (manual controls)
v1.0.2 (122) 2012-08-171.0a122-u.bin
v1.0.2 (119) 2012-06-291.0a119-u.bin
v1.0.1 (68) 2012-04-191.0a68-u.bin
v1.0.0 (60)

ILLUM Firmware (release notes, install instructions)

2.0.0 (42) 2015-07-09ILLUM-update-2.0.0 (42)-u.lfu
1.2.0 (7) 2015-03-24 ILLUM-update-1.2.0 (7)-u.lfu
1.1.2 (17) 2015-02-17ILLUM-update-1.1.2 (17)-u.lfu
1.1.1 (23) 2015-01-26ILLUM-update-1.1.1 (23)-u.lfu
1.1.0 (31) 2014-12-10ILLUM-update-1.1.0 (31)-u.lfu
1.0.2 (19) 2014-10-27ILLUM-update-1.0.2 (19)-u.lfu
1.0.1 (15) 2014-09-08ILLUM-update-1.0.1 (15)-u.lfu
1.0.0 (36) 2014-07-31

Third party open source code and materials for the Lytro ILLUM


Power Tools

1.0.0b02015-08-18lytro-power-tools-beta.exe (Windows)install instructions
lytro-power-tools-beta.dmg (Mac OS)install instructions
Disclaimer: Jan Kučera and are not affiliated with or endorsed by Lytro, Inc.