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hardware support

All Lytro cameras, working or not, might be valuable opportunity to try more risky experiments with both the software and hardware. No longer interested in the old camera? Broken lens and out of warranty? Bricked or dead device?

Definitely contact me at All these can help further research. I might even be able to cover shipping costs.

data support

Sharing raw images from your Lytro camera and especially the Lytro Illum camera (the ~16 MB or ~40 MB file) can help me and other researches get the most of our cameras.  One file per camera is enough, try to avoid really dark ones.

The file to upload:
Camera model:

Your e-mail (optional): (never disclosed)
Your name and/or affiliation (optional):
Conditions: do not share
happy to have the file published on this site anonymously
happy to have the file published on this site with my name above

Please do not upload the ones already available online. If you can't upload here but can send a download link, feel free to do so.

Disclaimer: Jan Kučera and are not affiliated with or endorsed by Lytro, Inc.