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the wifi protocol

Starting with camera firmware release v1.2, the on-board Wi-Fi is enabled. The connectivity is provided through Marvell's Avastar 88W8787A16 chip with MAC address in the range of Tayio Yuden Co., Ltd. (00:22:58).

The wireless communication must be explicitly enabled by user on the camera itself. This causes a network with SSID (where ### are the last three numbers of its serial number) to be broadcasted. The network is WPA2-CCMP protected with fixed keyphrase consisting of 8 arabic digits. A new keyphrase is generated when the camera is soft reseted, either manually from settings menu or when it hangs and resets itself.

Camera responds to ping messages. Wireless communication is power demanding and is turned off if not actively used for 5 minutes (even if a client is connected and the camera itself is being used).

Available UDP services:

Open TCP ports:

The library (and the communicator based on it) can be used to talk to the camera from your computer.

the usb protocol

sorry, don't have this one yet

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