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the communicator

The library can be used to build pretty nice applications, like this communicator:


Just connect your computer to the camera's wifi and you are ready to go. Note that using third party software to communicate with the camera breaks its warranty, and, of course, there is always the possibility of some damage. Therefore everything the software does must be explicitly initiated by user. Use at your own risk.

The Basic Information displays basic hardware information, battery level, camera time and content from couple of predefined, relevant files. Now exclusively in LYTRO meltdown, you can trigger the shutter remotely!


The Pictures section presents list of pictures currently stored in the camera, with the ability to download all picture and file formats available.


The Event Stream, when started, basically just listens to the callbacks sent from the camera in real time.


The most powerful (while still user friendly) one is likely the File Download section, where you can enter paths to the files you want to download from the camera's internal storage. There is currently no file discovery available, though. You can get some idea of what files might be present in the camera from the backup. Stay tuned for more (or subscribe to the feed).


At Raw Communication, you can directly send commands to and receive responses from the camera. This is the really dangerous part. Don't try unless you know what you are doing (hard reset instructions here).

The current version ( is available for download here — you will need .NET Framework 4.5. The communicator assembly is released under MIT license.

Note on Lytro Illum compatibility: This software wasn't tested with Lytro Illum.

user manual

LytroCompatibleCommunicator User Manual.xps (1 MB; English)

changelog (12/05/2018)

  • added support for v1.2.1 firmware picture list;
  • buttons refreshed when connection dropped.
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